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Betcoin is a new digital currency that enables anonymous, instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bet uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.

Betcoin is a transparent, secure, blockchain based sports betting, casino and P2P betting platform. Utilizing blockchain technology, Betcoin aims to become the prominent Sports Betting, Casino and P2P Betting platform

A platform that solves the issue of trust – and for that reason, we’re operating on a 0% house edge and offering provable fairness.

Betcoin acts both as a casino and a platform where users will be able to launch their own games, bets and predictions.

Anti Instamine

Balanced coin emission for a fair and
transparent distribution of initial awards.

Asic and
nicehash resistant

Betcoin uses Tribus as the mining algorithm.
Tribus is completely secure and it is resistant
to nicehash and not supported by ASICs.


With PrivateSend you can be sure that your
transaction history and balances are always
private. No third-party interference and your
information is never sold. You can trust our
platform to keep your private information private.


Security you can count on. Transactions are
confirmed by miners and masternode servers
hosted around the world.


Get your transactions confirmed instantly
with InstaSend payments. No neead
to wait to have your transactions confirmed. Simply
mine and receive confirmations.


Masternode technology is used for securing
the network with a positive side effect of
stabilizing the market price. Holders are
rewarded with block rewards.

Low Premine

There is no hidden reserve. Only the amount
needed to start the Betcoin network.

Coin name Betcoin
Coin ticker BET
Algorithm tribus
Block time 60 sec
Type POW/Masternodes
Total Supply 200 000 000
Premine 1 500 000
Masternode Collateral 50 000
Block rewards:
2 – 15 000 POW 5
15 001 – 75 000 POW 5 Masternodes 52,5
75 001– 150 000 POW 5 Masternodes 75
150 001– 500 000 POW 5 Masternodes 100
500 001– 750 000 POW 5 Masternodes 75
750 001– 1 000 000 POW 5 Masternodes 52,5
1 000 001– 1 500 000 POW 5 Masternodes 35
after block 1 500 001 decrease all
rewards by 25% every 500 000 blocks
POW 5 x 0.75
POW 5 Masternodes х 0,75

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crypto-bridge/ graviex)

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Betcoin Casino release

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Whitepaper release


Betcoin SportsBook Release

Fantasy Sports Integration

eSports Integration

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